About us

The Samobor Music Festival began in 1976. as a series of classical music concerts, thanks to a group of enthusiasts who wanted to make advancements in the level of cultural development in the city of Samobor. Throughout the years, the concept has changed, but the Samobor Music Festival has constantly emphasized the promotion of Croatian music. This has continued in recent years in the form of ordering pieces by young Croatian composers.

Beginning with the first concerts way back in 1976, nothing but the best domestic and foreign musicians have performed, while the quality of the program developed during the years due to the dilligent intercession of the organizers, which can be testified by the patronage of the Croatian Ministry of Culture.


Years of continuous musical performing at various venues in Samobor and remarkable concerts by the Zagreb Philharmonic, the HRT Symphonic Orchestra, the Zagreb Soloists, the Varaždin Chamber Orchestra, the Slovenian Chamber Orchestra, the Croatian Baroque Ensemble, the Tartini quartet, the Bach players, the Salzburger Kammerphilharmonie, the Zagreb saxophone quartet and soloists Mario Nardelli, Žarko Perišić, Irene Grafenauer, Martina Zadro, Renata Pokupić, Tomislav Mužek, Iwona Sobotka, Stefan Milenković, Aleksandar Ivić, Radovan Vlatković, Claude Delangle, Martin M. Kofler, Sharon Kam, Julian Rachlin, Monika Leskovar, Giovanni Sollima, Itamar Golan, Karina Azizov and many others have had the purpose of presenting pieces of international cultural heritage, as well as the initiation of creating new compositions by Croatian composers.